Ride on Machines

We run multiple propane powered ride on tear out machines, capable of large amounts of flooring demo being done in a standard work shift, on a normal tear out of 1 layer glue down carpet we average 600 to 800 yards per machine on site within a fairly open area.We use different machines machines depending on logistics such as             elevators size, capacity, and size of areas. Types of flooring to be removed is also another factor  for choosing the machine, providing the customer with the best flooring removal possible. Our machines are safe for indoor use, they meet all emission standards. We use them in hospitals, office buildings, grocery stores and many other public places.

Electric Stand Behind Mahines

These machines are an absolute life saver when there is no way to get a ride on machine into the areas to be tore out or limited access is the issue, and hand pulling is not possible. These machines are capable of tearing out VCT, GLUE DOWN CARPET,CARPET SQUARES, SHEET VINYL and many other flooring types. Capable of around 100 to 200 yards a day per machine on normal glue down carpet tear out situations. These machines only weigh approximately 250 pounds making it the go to machine when weight is also an issue. That is why we have several of these machines in our arsenal. We carry at least one of these machines in each of our fleet rigs, always a great back up machine if problems arise during the job. 

Glue & Debris Removal

Another service available to our customers is the removal of carpet glue from multiple remodels or the need for bare concrete. Our heavy duty sanders and speciaty heads give us an ursurpsassed ability to remove stubborn flooring debris or mastics, returning the concrete back to bare floor. We can also get up epoxy, paints, multiple types of adhesive build up, various types of floor glosses such as Urethanes.       We can usually tear up all types of flooring blemishes with a little             R & D   without causing a lot of floor damage. We also have these sanders with all our fleet vehicles, to provide solutions for more of the unexpected problems that arise in flooring demo, also keeping the project going without delay.


Floor Preperation

This a great service we provide our customers as a way to get them a floor that is ready for floor installation, resulting in a longer lasting floor that is flat and looks amazing. There is a lot of hidden issues under old floor coverings that can be exposed during the tear out, examples include cold joints, holes, low spots, there are a lot of other problems that can arise. Also the need for rampimg to accomidate floor elevation differences  is another reason for floor prep, also another service we provide to eliminate delays caused by having to call another trade to do it. We just " GETTER DUN"


We also offer installations on all types of flooring, which is a great service we provide to allow us to tear out flooring and put it down behind us, saving a lot of headache from having to schedule a return from another trade as well as leaving a bare floor. It is a great thing to see people leave, then come back the next day wondering if they are at the wrong place because the floors are totally different and brand new. Not the normal when doing a remodel, when waiting to get the final look is usually not expected for weeks.

  Site Clean Up & Haul Away

We also offer a complete floor demo clean up and haul away of debris, rather it be glue down carpet,wood, ceramic tile, vct, we have it covered. With all types of material handling equipment from standard Rubbermaid containers that fit a normal 3ft. doorway, to steel self dumping hoppers for even the heaviest debris such as ceramic tile. With the care of leaving a great looking job that is clean without debris scattered everywhere from hauling it out, our dumpsters all have poly or rubber no mar wheels to protect existing flooring. We can handle a lot of debris removal with ease.   

Debris Haul Off

We also have heavy duty trucks for hauling smaller loads of debris or we bring a 16 foot dump trailer and haul off huge amounts of debris, saving our customers another hassle of waiting for a dumpster delivery and being in the way. We are able to do most jobs the same day from tearing it out, cleaning it up, to out of there, ready for new flooring. We save you time and money  with a new way to look at flooring demo "No Hassle"


Reference to Size of Jobs Done 

We have DUN jobs for all types of industries from almost 200,000 foot vct tear out and install for Wal Marts, to complete floors in hospitals as well as emergency rooms, to prison gymnasiums, casinos all areas, to hotels at 5 star resorts to regular mom and pop hotels, to very high end office buildings to single office space. We treat them all the same and do them with one thing in mind, to leave them ready to have new flooring installed with no mess or hassle, with a customer who will call anytime he needs to                                                              "GETTER DUN"

Miscelaneous Info

We really have several ways we domiate our competition, by providing a service that is unsurpassed by the competition or as we should describe it DUN right. With over 30 years in the construction industry and being Master Flooring Installers, we know how a floor needs to be prepared to get a perfect no fail floor that will last a lot longer than a floor that is put down over layers of glue that will imulsify and ultimately fail, long before it should. we also have an eye to detail from demo to final product, we strive to be the best for our customer. We always strive to provide the best experience for a not the most favorite part of a remodel, and above all else safety along with great communication, sets us at the top of all your flooring demolition needs.