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Flooring Demo And Removal Specialists

We are the future of flooring demolition and removal, providing a change from the hassle of getting the old worn out or out dated flooring as well as mastic or adhesive off the floor to provide a superior surface for new flooring, resulting in a floor that will last longer as well as look amazing. No more delays on scheduling from dreaded glue down carpet removal, to vicious ceramic tile removal  and all other flooring types, contact us to solve your flooring nightmares and provide yourself with a huge relief from burden. We also offer floor prep to give you a floor that just needs flooring with no other steps required for new flooring installation.




All estimates are free and flexible according to schedule availabilty.

Other Specialties

We strive to always be efficient, by offering a wide range of services to provide a easy no hassle experience. First we start with the flooring demo , ranging from ceramic tile, hardwood, real as well as engineered, vct (vinyl composition tile), carpet tiles to broad loom, all applications of carpet, we specialize in glue down applications, which we do with efficiency as well as low impact on tenants and other trades. We leave the project cleaned up, ready to have new flooring installed
Another service we provide and specialize in is adhesive and mastic removal. Ranging from ceramic tile thinset, all hardwood flooring glues as well as old vapor barriers, pressure sensitive glues left behind from vct and many other flooring types, to carpet adhesive from super sticky pull your shoes off glue to years and years of build up. Leaving the concrete restored to flat perfect slab ready for new flooring, no more headaches while providing yourself or your customer a remarkable restored concrete slab, which equals just scheduling for an installer and getting a fantastic looking floor which will last for a lot longer time while still looking and feeling great to walk on.
Customers as well as the general contractors have enough to worry about during any type of construction project especially remodels as well as tenant improvements where time is of the essence. another service we provide is to haul the debris out to curbside,but lets extend this to another level, is this even possible you ask well we can also haul the debris off site, we can save you the delay of finding and scheduling the dumpster to be delivered, finding a spot to leave it without being in the way, then waiting for it to be emptied and brought back. This is a service that saves a lot of time while freeing up your busy day for more important things.
Another way that Getter Dun Construction can offer unsurpassed service is by having the right equipment for the job. We always keep our equipment well maintained and updated. It ranges from ride on tear out machines such as the Bronco to a custom built Panther type machine we refer to as “Bertha” do to her size as well as capability to tear out difficult flooring also a huge amount of volume. We also have several electric stand behind tear out machines for areas to small to fit a ride on machine yet to hard to remove by hand, which also gets to bare floor for better adhesion of new flooring, we have many heavy duty sanders used to scrape glues with carbide heads to get even the toughest coatings such as epoxies, paint, old carpet backings and glue up. we also have many other tools for those hard to remove projects. by having installed all types of flooring in the industry it makes us the best at knowing how the floor must be for new flooring to be installed with very little secondary work required resulting in faster than normal turn around saving the customer a lot of Time and Money which everyone enjoys .
— Kelly Pope "owner"

With most pojects it is a burden for the customer to undergo a remodel, ecspecially on the flooring end. Another service we provide is to accomidate the new flooring and install, imagine when the customer leaves for the day and comes back the next day to a new floor, we can tear out the old flooring and install new flooring the same day making it easy for the customer to resume buisness. Making for a happy customer and an ease of mind for the General as well, without many trades involved to do each phase of the project there is a lot less chance for problems to arise. Making us a one stop shop that makes everyone involved happy.


We only offer the best service and performance possible or we don't do it, we also offer a one stop solution to all your flooring removal headaches to make your next flooring demo project a stress free experience. We always take great care in working with other trades and communicating with the customer to provide a great, clean, safe no hassle project, time after time.    

"We are your go to guys when you want it Dun Right" 


Getter Dun Construction is a Utah based company that has been from Maine to Alaska and everywhere in between. Specialized in commercial projects also customer satisfaction !!!


About Me


I have been in construction for over 30 years, I have done almost all trades in the industry and have been a master flooring installer for over 25 years. I have pioneered the tear out industry and even helped to create many things on the equipment used to make it an even more productive ease of use product. From residential to commercial I have extensive customer service experience and a eye for detail beyond my competition. Being raised on a farm and being taught to do it right or don't do it at all, this has taught me a lesson that makes me strive to be the best, benefiting my customers and giving them a win,win experience.    

                                                      Kelly Pope